Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Knit yourself a Campervan Blanket


I've just added another knitting pattern to my Etsy account, this time for a blanket with campervans on it. I didn't set out with the idea of making it in Jubilee colours, it just turned out that way!
Having seen lots of sleepy toddlers being pulled around in little red wagons at the VW events I thought maybe someone might like to make one of these to keep their little 'uns snug.  Of course there is no reason that it should just be kept for the kids - you could make a really big one for yourself!
This blanket measured approx. 107cm long and 61cm wide and took just 400g of double knitting yarn.
You can make it any colour you like so maybe you could match your van :)
You could even make it extra snuggly by adding a fleecy backing.
If you don't need a blanket, why not just make a few squares up into a cushion or maybe even a wall hanging (not that there would be room to hang one on the wall of a camper!)
Have fun whatever you decide!
Available at Etsy:

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