Monday, 30 January 2012

Festival Blanket with a Hood - perfect for camping!

You know how it is with the good old British Weather - one minute bright blue skies and the next thrashing rain.  It makes camping and picnics interesting! 
We found some blankets in fantastic colours with soft fleece on the inside and a waterproof outer coating as well as a hood. 
You can wrap them around you like a cape - perfect for sitting out on those chilly camping evenings, you can put the hood up and keep the rain out or you can just spread them flat and use them like a picnic blanket. Great if you've got kids too especially on those beach trips when they stay in the sea so long they come out blue and shivering - just dry them off then wrap them in one of these - perfect! 

Festivals, camping, picnics or just sitting in the garden, we love them and we hope you do too!
Available on our website at £19.95 each

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